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I’m going to be perfectly honest right now.
I never know whats going on in the world. And when I say never… I mean never. We could be in 5 different wars right now, and I would have no idea. I’m clueless and naive and at this point in my life, I’m okay with it.
But even I have heard of the heartbreak in Paris.

My heart aches watching the news, hearing the stories, and imagining the devastation going on in Paris right now. I have no words.

I couldn’t write this blog post without at least mentioning Paris because this Sunday, my boyfriend and I found a little treasure in Atlanta.
A lock bridge.

It’s nothing compared to the lock bridge in Paris, where you can’t even find a spot to put your lock, but it was such a lovely surprise.
There was every type of lock. Some shaped as hearts, some with initials on them, some circular, some that needed a key to be unlocked.
It was a beautiful mess that can’t be described any other way.

Now imagine all the people that left a lock there. I’m guessing they didn’t just have a lock in their back pocket to put on there when they passed it for the first time. Each and every one of these locks has an owner that went home, grabbed a lock, and put it on this bridge for whatever reason. Each person has a different story and a different life ahead of them.

I like thinking about that kind of thing. I like people watching. I like listening to people tell their life story in a total of 10 minutes, only telling what they consider the highlights. No one sees the world the same way, and no one lives their life the same as someone else.
It’s so wonderful.

life is so wonderful.

So I hope you find your own little mysterious lock bridge. or at least something nice that makes you smile. daydream about locks and keys and love and beauty. dream.

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Portland, Oregon.
We decided to go for a picnic in the morning before starting our day. We stood in the kitchen for an hour making sandwiches and snacks and dancing to extremely old songs we knew all the words to. The moment was euphoric.
We climbed up a small mountain looking for the perfect spot to lay down our blanket, then spent an hour eating and talking and just being happy.
Everything felt simple and pleasant and content.
Take me back
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ok. so I think I’ve decided I’m going to change this blog up a little bit. Instead of only posting summaries of my life or lovely little passages, I’m going to do something else.
I will still be posting short stories and updates of whats going on in my life, but I’m also going to be posting several pictures at one time with a small description of the moment.
just a little warning before I switch it up



IMG_5423I’ve recently been very interested in my level of happiness. Obviously, throughout a single day I experience very different levels of happiness (very low whenever someone pushes me over in the hallway– very high whenever one of my friends tells me a nice story from her weekend), but for the past few weeks I would consider myself extremely happy. I don’t know why. and I don’t know how to drag out this happiness streak for as long as it will go before running out.

So I looked up the definition of happiness:
Definition of Happiness- “the quality or state of being happy.”

Then I looked up the definition of happy:
Definition of Happy- “delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing”

I didn’t necessarily like either of these definitions. They don’t really grasp the concepts I was looking for.

Instead of giving up on my search for extended happiness, I created a list of 15 things that make me happy on a regular basis:

  1. seeing pink and red in the sky when driving to school in the morning
  2. eating toast for breakfast
  3. people smiling at me in the hallway
  4. obsessing over a good book (in my head or with friends)
  5. playing guitar (even more if I’m able to write a good song)
  6. making people laugh
  7. successfully finishing my homework before 8:00 (hardly ever happens)
  8. petting my cat when he decides to be nice
  9. picking out really cute outfits
  10. talking to people I’m in love with
  11. listening to my favorite music
  12. driving home from somewhere with the windows and sunroof down
  13. going to concerts (not a day-to-day thing but whatever)
  14. hearing anyone say ‘I love you’
  15. hugging people

I found myself wanting to add more and more things to the list, but I limited myself to 15. As long as some of these things happened every single day, I will remain happy. Obviously life doesn’t 100% work that way, but when I get upset, I can go back to this list and read everything good that happened that day.

My challenge for you is to make your own list of 15 simple things that make you happy day-to-day.

create happiness


Short Stories by Aspen

“Why do you do that?”
I was suddenly fully aware of every inch of my body. My cheeks got hot and I looked at him.

“Do what?”
“Play with your hands. You move your rings around and crack your fingers when you’re nervous.”

He gave a shy smile and looked down at his own hands, embarrassed.

“oh.” I said simply, “I didn’t know I did”

I wish I had some explanation to give him. I didn’t even realize I did it, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized I do it all the time.

“well … I think it’s really cute”

He still seemed embarrassed for letting this observation of my hands come out of his mouth, which warmed my heart. A small smile crept onto my face.

“I think you’re very cute”
He met my eyes and that’s when I knew; life will never be the same

12 Hours … Whoops !


I’ve been sitting in the Denver Airport for 5 hours… I still have 7 hours left.

I booked my trip to Portland, Oregon on Friday.. Friday as in 4 days ago. It was super last minute, but sometimes thats just how things happen. While booking my flight, I somehow didn’t notice that I landed in Denver at 9:07 AM and my next flight didn’t depart until 9:45 PM …

12 hours in an airport alone is dangerous for a person’s mental health. 

Side Note: I’d like to brag about why I am going to Portland, Oregon.
My best friend moved to Portland about a year and a half ago. We’ve been best friends since the beginning of middle school, and her moving away was not going to keep us apart. Its only a 7 hour flight !!
The first time I went to Portland was last September. While I was there, we recorded an awesome music video to one of my original songs “Sweatshirt.” (link here:
After recording “Sweatshirt,” we kept saying we wanted to do more. I just never got around to recording more songs… Well, I recently (recently as in.. yesterday) recorded a new original “Cold Coffee.”
So basically I’m flying across the country to film a music video.

sounds pretty cool am i right ?!

okay so in my defense, it did not say “Layover Time: 12 hours” ANYWHERE on the flight information. Anyone could’ve made this mistake.
So what have I done these past 5 hours?
I ate Panda Express (which is still sitting on my table because I have yet to get up), changed the format of this blog and added a new “my music” page, created a soundcloud and reverbnation page, and basically I’ve just been really productive. Kind of productive… I still have a whole entire book to read for my lit class… but thats a minor detail.

I know this blog post wasn’t poetic or uplifting, but sometimes I just want to share whats going on in my life.
Live from the Denver Airport. (specifically: at a table between the Ben & Jerry’s and Panda Express)


ps. I hope you enjoy the pic at the top that has nothing to do with this post

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“Do you think you fit in at school?”

The table in between us was cold and the chair I was sitting in was uncomfortable. I couldn’t tell if she actually cared about my answer. It seemed like she was just ready to hear the answer she was certain I was going to say.

“No.. I don’t feel like I fit in at school. I’m too different. In middle school I was bullied and I felt like I didn’t belong. Thats when I found music. Music became my escape. Through music, I found my purpose and self worth.” 

It sounds like a beautiful answer. the answer everyone wants to hear.
a struggle, then an uplifting solution.
Everyone likes an underdog.

The problem is, that’s not always how life works.

I’ve been extremely lucky that I have never been bullied. Most people in middle school or high school experience some type of bullying. There’s a stereo-type of the “creative musician that doesn’t fit in.” Its extremely common in movies and songs and its actually pretty common in real life, but it’s not always the case.

I consider myself pretty social. I have a close group of friends and I participate in two school clubs that make me very happy. When I first started high school, I thought I’d have to be that “creative musician that doesn’t fit in.” Because hey, I’m a musician, and I’m pretty creative. It’s almost like I tried to force myself into that character. Do I like to be alone? sure. Am I content with sitting by myself and writing in my notebook? sure.
But do I have to feel lost or empty just because I write and play music? no.

I looked at her. and she looked at me. and finally I said,

“I think the concept of ‘fitting in’ is a myth. No one feels like they fit in. Trying to fit in is like trying to stand on a cloud- impossible. 
Ask anyone. Ask the cheerleader, football player, math nerd, musician, whatever stereotype you want… None of them will tell you they fit in. Even if others think they do.”