then I remembered… they could

There are two different stories I want to tell. One about love, and one about songwriting.

In a previous post, I talked about a lock bridge I discovered in the heart of Atlanta. I came across it with my boyfriend, Harrison, and it felt like a little piece of magic in a big scary city. (refer back that post for more details)

For Christmas, Harrison surprised me by getting us a lock to put on the bridge. “A + H” . I was giddy at the thought of adding our love story to all the others on that bridge. The following day, we drove to Atlanta. We parked across the street and I screamed with excitement as I jumped out of the car. I took a million pictures to capture this perfect moment. Harrison held the lock for me so I could change angles and once it was on the bridge, he lifted me up so I could get the angle I wanted (I have a habit of taking too many pictures and ruining moments but OH WELL). We stood there smiling to ourselves and to each other just soaking up the moment. Our little love story was added. Locked. It was magical.

That was part one. Now onto part two.

After seeing the lock bridge for the first time, I began writing a song about it. The song was about a couple discovering it and blah blah blah. love. As I developed the song, I decided the couple wasn’t going to end up together. He would lose feelings and leave, but in the end she would never forget that moment on the bridge. It seemed nice and simple in my head.
But for the next three weeks, I struggled to find the right words to explain why they failed. Sure, he stopped caring… but why? Why would he stop caring about her? Why couldn’t their love last forever like they promised? Why couldn’t they live happily ever after?!

and then I remembered… they could.

I’m the one writing the song. I’m the one writing their love story. I can’t 100% control my own future, but I can write what I want to write. So I took the giddiness from my own lock experience and put it to good use. The rest of the song came smoothly after I changed gears.
There’s something about writing about my personal life that is both scary and wonderful all wrapped in one. It’s one thing to believe love lasts forever, but I don’t want the world to see me as naive. I don’t want the world to think I’m young and dumb and immature because I believe in everlasting love. But maybe I am young and dumb. Maybe that’s okay. Maybe believing in love doesn’t make me immature.

and maybe it’s okay to write songs where the couple lives happily ever after in the end.



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